Frangipani Article


On my latest travels in Malaysia one thing that struck me was the amount of Frangipani trees, they were everywhere I went, the tree is very distinctive and has an understated charm about it, slightly crooked shaped branches, large green leaves with a rich leathery texture and bundles of at least 20 frangipani flowers in an array of co-ordinated colours exuding a very distinctive and pleasant aroma for everyone to enjoy.  When I felt the texture of this precious and alluring flower it seemed to again have a slightly leathery feel about it and it comprised of five petals per flower. My understanding of Frangipani is that there are over 290 recorded varieties.

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Frankincense Article


My name is Adam Michael and if you are subscribed to my newsletters you will know I adore all the various Frankincense species in oil form. I have now teamed up with a Co-Operative in Somalia and I am buying the Frankincense Carteri (Boswelia.carteri) and Frankincense Sacra (Boswelia.sacra) essential oils they are responsible for producing. We are selling these oils in 5ml volumes upto 30ml volumes. I have decided to do a little write up about it and hope you find it useful.

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Rose Article

I LOVE DONCHO PAPASOV written by Adam Michael.

As someone that follows various aromatherapy and perfume forums I always find it interesting reading people’s opinions about the fragrance descriptions of rose oils so I thought I’d create a little page and share my thoughts about the fragrance of various Rose oils that I have experienced so far. To make it more enjoyable my Bulgarian producer has taken some photos for me, all uploaded. So here goes!

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Sage Article

MY DADS ALLOTMENT GARDEN written by Adam Michael.

Since the days of helping my dad on his allotment garden as a young boy I have always loved gardening. Although my dad no longer has the allotment garden he still enjoys growing his own fruit, vegetables and herbs and whilst I am much older now it remains a lovely way of spending precious time with him. As so many species of Sage exist within the world of essential oils I want to write a little article about this delightful herb of which I hope you find of some use.

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Ylang Ylang Article

YLANG YLANG FRACTIONS written by Adam Michael.

At the time of writing (06/09/14) the estimated global production of Ylang Ylang essential oil stands at 70-75 tonnes per year. Production is split largely into 4 geographical areas which are COMOROS (La Grande Comore, Anjuan and Moheli), AMBANJA (Northeast of Madagscar), NOSY BE (Island facing Ambanja) and MAYOTTE (Island part of the Comoros – under French administration).

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