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Adam Michael here, welcome to our spring clearance sale. A few notes. Every material here apart from Davana E.O and Laurel Leaf E.O are clearance lines, so once sold, they are gone for good. I have unearthed additional quantities of some materials such as Eucalyptus and Cedar Leaf, so I have added them back for sale here. The Davana on hand btw is an exceptional batch but I realise I purchased too much.

Likewise Australian Sandalwood spicata is indeed a clearance line, and I have mused on this decision since the summer of 2019. My vision is a leaner business packed out with world class materials, so good that they obliterate anything my European online competition offers. If you need proof of this, check out our India Gold Super Premium Sandalwood and you will be completely wowed. And politely, Australian produced sandalwood oils  can no longer be considered by Hermitage as materials worthy of carrying if I am to take my own vision seriously.  Thanks, Adam : )