Aldehyde C8 50% Natural Isolate

Mark Evans has this to say “Aldehyde C8 Natural Isolate is also known as Octanal or Caprylic Aldehyde. The C-8 indicates that this molecule only has 8 carbons in its chain so it’s very light and volatile – as in it will blast your head off if you smell it neat, which I wouldn’t recommend unless you want an instant headache.

Here we have the aldehyde extracted from orange peel to 50% (the other 50% being terpeneless orange oil). When carefully smelling a 1% dilution, you have the expected aldehydic, waxy, soapy powerhouse aroma but this is tempered a little with a green citrus peel note. Compared to the purely synthetic Octanal, this natural version lasts longer on the smelling strip, aided by the orange oil component, and is  slightly easier on the nose for the same reason.

Aldehyde C8 Natural Isolate is used in trace amounts to boost the top notes of pretty much anything you’re working on, especially citrus and floral fragrances. As it’s so powerful and you use such a small amount of it, the aroma doesn’t alter the balance of your composition, but the volatility adds a sparkling effect. You could say it’s like adding an exclamation point to your perfume!”