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Ambrette Seed CO2 ORGANIC (SELECT)

Botanical Name: Hibiscus abelmoschus L

Origin: Ecuador


Now despite being classed as a select extract it still has an appearance similar to a total extract as it contains fatty acids, in this instance chiefly palmitic acid. Therefore this material is not entirely alcohol soluble and will benefit greatly from a co-solvent such as IPM prior to diluting into alcohol. The material will need to be chilled and filtered and you should expect some trial and error so keep back as much of the starting material as possible until you find what percentages work best for you.

As most perfumers will want this for the musky notes I would personally advise you first consider the synthetic option of Ambrettolide as this musk is the same musk found in Ambrette Seeds and it is very easy to work with.

Regarding the aroma of this co2 extract I describe the opening notes as nutty, fatty, rich sesame, oriental salty. The heart notes are rich nutty, soft musky and similar to smelling angelica root. The base notes are sweet, intense musky with a walnut and horse chestnut richness. In dilution at 1% the musky notes are very present and dominate the aroma profile.

Ambrette Seed is a material probably best suited to the perfumer. This material is produced from the uncrushed seeds by super critical fluid extraction. At the time of writing I am also aware of at least one company producing a co2 from the crushed seeds/concrete which is completely solid at room temperature.


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