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Angels Weed Essential Oil

Adam Michael has this to say “Like many Croton species, the angel weed plant has multi coloured marbled leaves and is visually beautiful. This essential oil is light yellow in colour and  produced from the leaves and twigs by steam distillation. The aroma is very clean, apple crisp, a little sweet alcoholic, potent and mind bending.  This material delivers a euphoric high if inhaled intensely for a few minutes and this follows on with slowing down the ability to process thoughts. (I wonder if this material therefore could have use for treating those that suffer with anxiety issues – purely thoughts.)

A very interesting study material and should this be used within perfumery it can be considered useful for building boozy accords, developing apple notes and imparting crisp freshness within the top notes of lavender-colognes and herbal bouquets.”

Botanical Name: Croton spp

Origin: Madagscar


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