Anthopogon ORGANIC E.O

Adam Michael has this to say “Certified organic anthopogon, also known as sunpati oil and by its botanical name of rhododendron. Pale yellow in colour and obtained by distillation of the aerial parts of the plant, the smell is hot, herbal and slightly sweet smelling. Therapeutically anthopogon is a superb astringent, a useful appetite stimulant, maybe more so than lemongrass or fennel and due to the heat this oil exudes it could be useful mixed with other warming oils such as ginger and black Pepper (diluted heavily in carrier oil) to treat muscle aches.”

Mark Evans has this to say “Also known as Rhododendron Leaf Oil and Sunpati Oil. Do you know there’s over 850 species in the Genus (group) Rhododendron and ONLY the R. anthopogon species is distilled as it has fragrant leaves that are nontoxic? All other Rhododendron species are highly toxic and should not be distilled!The initial impression of this oil’s fragrance is one of resins and berries, but with so much more complexity to explore. There’s sweet balsams, coniferous notes, herbs and pine with a touch of camphor. This is one of those oils that you can spend hours smelling on the strip and just keep discovering new aspects. Overall, though, it’s a sweet, herbal, fruity aromatic that would blend really well in naturalistic forest or incense fragrances.”

Botanical Name: Rhododendron anthopogon

Origin: Nepal