Bay Leaf E.O (St. Thomas)

Adam Michael has this to say “Bay essential oil is obtained from the fragrant leaves by steam distillation, red-yellowish to brown in colour and of a pourable viscosity. Bay essential oil is a warming oil that is often used in aromatherapy since it is a good antiseptic for the respiratory system, perks up the digestive system, settles stomach pain and expels wind. Topically, it is most often used to combat hair loss and to improve the health of the scalp in general. Also known as Bay St. Thomas.”

Actander has this to say “The odor is fresh-spicy, somewhat medicinal, but it has a lasting, sweet-balsamic undertone.”

Botanical Name: Pimenta racemosa

Origin: West Indies

Safety Data: Use in moderation. Moderately toxic due to the high eugenol content (mucous membrane irritant) but generally it is a non-irritant and non-sensitising.