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beta-Pinene Natural Isolate

Adam Michael has this to say “The aroma of this beta-Pinene natural isolate is a little different to the synthetic and a lot more pleasant to evaluate and work with. This material has a lot in common with smelling Aleppo Pine aka Jerusalem Pine. Comparable notes include the green Runner Bean notes and the fresh piercing pine qualities of which are underpinned with a saturated warmth and finished with trace fruit berry nuances. Very resinous and zappy throughout its development, with fleeting hay and spicy peppery notes dancing in and out of detection.

A very cost effective material, beta-Pinene natural isolate is useful for building Mediterranean Scrub accords, Sea Breeze notes, pairs especially well with Eucalyptus, provides a refreshing top note, works wonder with Frankincense compositions – more so those that are B.serrata themed, generally useful for the recreation of flower scents and slightly more soluble than the alpha form in lower strength alcohol.”

Mark Evans has this to say “This natural isolate of b-Pinene is a breath of crystal clear pine forest air. In fact, when smelling the blotter strip, it literally feels like there’s a breeze in the room – the effect is uncanny. Being extracted from pine essential oil, the aromatic profile is more natural smelling than the synthetic version could ever be. So, instead of a standardised, sharp, terpenic, camphorous pine, you instead have a cooling, minty, resinous and slightly woody pine with touches of pepper and green hay.

An excellent top note material for any naturalistic creation, especially woody, green or aromatic ones, it blends well with woods, resins and balsamics as well as other camphorous materials like eucalyptus or lavender.

In use, beta-Pinene has the same longevity as both the pine essential oils and alpha-Pinene isolate that we also stock. The alpha is not as clear and bright as the beta which could be useful when you want a more subtle pine note at the top end as the beta won’t hold back and just wants to release its fresh breeze out into the world.”

Extracted from Pine essential oil.

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  1. Jarreau bowhay (verified owner)

    Another great material, love this material. I could wear this alone but it does wonders to my cologne mixes in trace amounts.

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