Buchu Leaf Essential Oil

Arctander has this to say “Buchu Leaf Oil is a yellow to brownish-yellow liquid, oily or somewhat viscous, depending upon the age of the oil and the dryness of the plant material prior to distillation. The odor is very peculiar: strong, bitter-sweet, minty-camphoraceous, rootlike, penetrating and somewhat medicinal, reminiscent of cough preparations.

One of the main constituents of the oil is Diosphenol, a terpenoid phenol. It is responsible for the antiseptic effect of Buchu Leaf Oil. A significant percentage of menthone in the oil is probably the cause of the minty odor and somewhat cool flavour of the oil.

Buchu leaf oil is occasionally used in chypre bases, certain types of colognes, etc for its power, diffusion, and freshness.”

Although many varieties exist only two buchu essential oils are offered by most online retailers, the first being this one we offer, which is steam distilled from the dried round leaves (Barosma betulina Bart) and the second variety is steam distilled from the oval leaves (Agothosma crenulata). Both are similar chemically speaking, containing mainly diosphenol, limonene menthone, isomenthone, isopulegone and pulegone although a higher content of pulegone is found in the oval leaves.