Cade Berries ORGANIC

Mark Evans has this to say “Also known as Prickly Juniper, this is a cousin of the plant that provides us with Juniper Berry essential oil which is Juniperus communis or Common Juniper. Whereas Common Juniper is native to the cooler areas of the Northern hemisphere from the Arctic to the upper reaches of North America, Europe and Asia. Cade Berry comes from the warmer climes of the Mediterranean from Morocco and Portugal, Iran, Lebanon and Israel. Because of this its leaves are tiny, narrow, prickly and have little surface from which moisture can escape during summer droughts.So, comparing the essential oil extracted from the dried berries of these two plants to see what difference the climate has madeā€¦

The first word that comes to mind for both is ‘wonderful’. Both are intensely bright, fruity sweet with plummy sharpness, pine needle freshness with some slight woody peppery notes. They have a huge projection and just opening the bottle will cause everyone in the room to perk up and smile!

The Cade Berry oil though, also has a pronounced blackcurrant bud and a slightly animalic, herbal aspect that the Common Juniper doesn’t have. This note becomes present after 30 seconds or so on the smelling strip and is really the only noticeable difference between these two fine oils. Both are indispensable fresh, fruity top notes for natural perfumery with the Cade Berry oil providing a little extra seriousness, a slightly urinous note that would blend in well with Cassis absolute, Tomato Leaf or Artemisia .”

Botanical Name: Juniperus oxycedrus

Origin: Albania