Cedrat Heart Essential Oil

Mark Evans has this to say “This co-extraction of cedrat, lemon and bergamot has all three Mediterranean citrus beauties concentrated in one bottle to bring you the olfactory equivalent of joy, sunshine and bright yellow zesty lemon freshness! The initial impression is one of zingy lemon sherbet with a touch of lime and an impression of sparkling champagne. This is a round and full bodied citrus, not just an insipid lemon juice and the three citrus oils complement each other perfectly. Obviously useful in colognes but also anywhere that pure lemon or cedrat oils would have been used previously, providing extra complexity, depth and sunshine to the top notes of your creation.

Despite the name this material is a creation by Robertet produced from Italian cedrats, bergamots and lemons. All the prized aromatic notes are extracted and concentrated together. Clear to pale yellow in colour, of a pourable viscosity and of exceptional tenacity. Useful in the creation of fresh colognes, woody-vetivert accords and adds a sparkling top note to florals.”

Botanical Name: Includes – C.bergamia, C.medica, C.limonum

Origin: All materials are of Italian origin


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