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Cinnamon Leaf ORGANIC Essential Oil

Adam Michael has this to say “The aroma of this oil is how you would expect, cinnamon warm, cinnamon sweet and spicy with a dry powdery aspect holding it altogether. Cinnamon leaf is said to be useful in massage to relax the muscles of the gut, in turn preventing or relieving painful cramping spams in the intestines.

At the same time though a few drops added to your oil burner is really useful for killing off a cold along with airborne bacteria and to make the aroma more enjoyable maybe try a blend on your oil burner of five parts orange to one-part cinnamon. In perfumery cinnamon leaf is useful in trace amounts for adding warmth to floral, woody and oriental creations. Rich yellow in colour, pourable and produced by steam distilling the leaves and twigs.”

Botanical Name: Cinnamomum zeylanicum

Origin: Sri Lanka



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