Clary Sage E.O (Russia)

Adam Michael has this to say “Lots of reading material suggests French material is somehow superior to Russian material, Arctander the master himself even suggests the French material enjoys a reputation of fineness and delicate notes superior to those of Russian material. However over the years and having smelled more and more Russian material I find myself questioning this idea Russian material is inferior, if anything and with its subtle differences and stand apart nuances I now find it to be a more enjoyable essential oil aromatically speaking. So now I have bitten the bullet and we are stocking Russian essential oil alongside the French material.

The opening of this Russian clary sage is how you would imagine, herbaceous floral and full of fruity tea nuances. Unlike French material which is simply sweeter and more spritely in the top, I find Russian clary sage to be a definite heart note and as the aroma develops the tea nuance qualities really take charge, complimented with bitter sweet undertones that somehow remind me of Earl Grey Tea.  The dry down is really refreshing and uplifting on the senses.

Clear in colour, of a pourable viscosity and produced by steam distilling the flowering tops. Blends well with bergamot, neroli, lemon, coriander, rose, sandalwood and many more oils. Within perfumery useful within lavender accords, chypres, a must for building tea rose notes and supports jasmine complexes especially well.”

Botanical Name: Salvia sclarea

Origin: Russia