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Cognac Essential Oil GREEN

Arctander has this to say “Cognac oil is a pale yellow or greenish yellow, somewhat oily liquid of intensely strong, almost harsh-fruity, oily-fatty, yet green-herbaceous odor of outstanding tenacity and great diffusive power.

The rectified oil is used in flavours and perfumes in trace amounts to give “lift” and fresh-fruity, natural notes, e.g. in liquers, fruit flavours, colognes, fougeres, after-shave fragrances, etc. It blends excellently with ambrette seed oil, amyl salicylate, bergamot, coriander, galbanum, lavender, linalool, sage clary, styrax, ylang-ylang, etc.”

This essential oil is steam distilled from the dry fermented grape tissue in a traditional copper still, luscious deep green in colour and of a pourable viscosity.

Botanical Name: Vitis vinifera

Origin: France

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  1. farman1979 (verified owner)

    It smells exactly like green sweet juicy grapes. It has some similarities in terms of top notes of jade wood EO – more specifically that astringent (dryness) at the top – but not the utterly stupefying incense and smokiness.

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