Cypress Atlantica Essential Oil

Adam Michael has this to say “Cypress trees, I am surrounded by them here in the Tuscan countryside and we go for a walk in the summer I love to pick some of the sun warmed green foliage from the tree and rub it in my hands, which in turn releases a sticky resin substance and more over gives off the most incredible warm zappy fresh outdoors scent, lemony, pine, juniper berries, woody, feel good, and with the runner bean qualities I always associate with Jerusalem Pine. It is a heavenly scent that I adore greatly.

Unfortunately, both the Spanish and French Cypress producers of C. sempervirens are a complete disgrace in this regard, failing to capture any of the aromatic beauty of the coniferous plant. I detest what they produce to such an extent that I outright refuse to offer it at Hermitage Oils.

Five years ago (2014) I would stumble upon South African C. lusitanica E.O and what a stunner that was – a coniferous aromatic powerhouse, really warm resiny, full bodied, nothing sharp, nothing overly standout in your face terpenic, nothing hollow and watery like the French and Spanish producers. They also distilled the cones in this instance. So my faith was restored! BUT, that South African company closed down and that was a true shame as that producer may not have been a big name, but it truly produced world class aromatics, materials that would make you smile with happiness, materials that set the standard of what is possible in the world of naturals. They actually offered a Roman Chamomile, I never got around to buying it as I was skint at that time in life, but boy oh boy it was so good, superior in initial aroma, really fulsome, a great weighty body, sky blue in colour, beautiful development, the type of material you find so addictive you can’t help but go back and have a smell every twenty minutes!

And now, five years later (March 21st 2019) I have come across a producer of Cupressus atlantica, as far as cypress aromatics go, this wipes the floor with the French and Spanish material. Why, because this cypress atlantica essential oil that hails from Morocco is again really resin, zappy and fresh lemon zest toppy at the start. Full of light, bright, breezy qualities and just like taking the foliage and rubbing it in your hands. Development is piney-lemony fresh, fresh distilled juniper berry, dry woody and yes, it has light traces resembling freshly picked runner bean skins – a slight vegetative and musty nuance that I adore. After the toppy qualities have passed you are left with a warm resiny coniferous aroma and the dry down is chiefly a wood and dewy sweetness.

A must for building forest bases, woods and outdoors accords, mediterranean scrub accords, pairs very well with cistus E.O, juniper Berries E.O, Labdanum Abs and great for creating pine fresh fragrances.”

Botanical Name: Cupressus atlantica

Origin: Morocco

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