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Diosphenol Natural Isolate

Mark Evans has this to say “Diosphenol natural isolate is stunningly rich, complex and an absolute delight to smell – quite intoxicating. I’ll quote directly from my notes when smelling diosphenol NI on the blotter – sweet, fruity, medicinal, sarsaparilla, blackcurrant, port wine, mint, blackcurrant, camphor, menthol, spicy… and so on. If you do this yourself, you’ll find yourself sitting there for a long time just enjoying the experience.

This natural isolate is extracted from buchu leaf oil and it is diosphenol that is responsible for the buchu leaf’s antiseptic properties. It has many similarities in smell with blackcurrant bud absolute, but without the cat-piss aspect that the absolute has. I’ll leave it up to you if this is a good or bad thing, but I imagine that diosphenol would be useful as a substitute for the absolute.”

Extracted from buchu essential oil.


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