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Emerald Lavender BLEND

Joseph Colbourne has this to say “Ahhh…fresh laundry, and one need not use Galaxolide or another aroma chemical. It’s all here, naturally along with the leaves and flowers of the lavender plant. Perhaps due to the high linalool content, we even get sensations of bergamot and rosewood. As it dries down, it continues to show more of its herbal, floral nature, while the base is subtly reminiscent of baby powder and laundry dried on the line in the sun. A wonderful natural to create a ‘clean’ effect or fresh linen note in blends.”

Produced by blending French lavender absolute with lavender 40/42%, emerald green in colour and of a pourable viscosity.

Mark Evans has this to say “Emerald Lavender is a blend of the popular standard lavender 40/42 with lavender absolute to arrive at the perfect lavender oil experience. On smelling this blend, you will find that the sweeter, richer, hay notes of the absolute just take the edge off the herbaceous aspect of the essential oil portion. The result is as true to the smell of rubbing lavender flowers between your hands as you can get. A very useful addition to your lavender collection.The name Emerald refers to the bright green absolute used which gives this blend a slight green colouring.”

Botanical Name: Lavandula angustifolia

Origin: France


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