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Flouve Absolute

Joseph Colbourne has this to say “A viscous, deep, dark green solvent-extracted liquid originating from France. Flouve absolute is enchanting and complex in aroma. I picture the crepuscular glow of the dimming light on a lake deep in the forest as darkness falls, mist settling at the lichen covered trunks of ancient trees, powdery spores from mosses and ferns. There are ambient notes of autumnal wildflowers, the berries of bittersweet nightshade, and sun-cured tobacco leaves. A crisp, coumarinic dry down (more akin to sweet clover than tonka bean) is reminiscent of the sweet, agrestic fragrance of harvested hay. There is notable tenacity to this material, with its scent lasting on the mouillette for more than two days. Flouve absolute would make an outstanding contribution to new mown hay blends, tobacco accords, precious woods, sophisticated fougeres and chypres. Produced from the aerial parts of the Anthoxanthum odoratum L. plant.”

Botanical Name: Anthoxanthum odoratum L

Origin: France

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