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Galangal Root CO2 ORGANIC (TOTAL)

Mark Evans has this to say “It is rare indeed to find a CO2 extract of galangal root as opposed to the steam distilled essential oil so we are truly privileged to be able to offer it here.

Those of you who enjoy Asian food, especially Thai, would be familiar with galangal root (mmm, love a big bowl of tom kha gai) and its pungent, gingery taste. Galangal is indeed related to ginger and also cardamom and is actually sometimes called false ginger. The aroma of this special ingredient is immediately fresh, camphorous, spicy, woody, cardamom and ginger. The overall effect is of warm, zingy, aromatic spiciness that is mouth-wateringly good.

Like the essential oil, this CO2 extract contains a large portion of eucalyptol (1,3 cineole) and so it will blend especially well with other materials that also contain it such as eucalyptus, chamomile, sage, cinnamon, lavindin, pine, rosemary, myrtle, patchouli and citrus oils. Although not often used in perfumery (BLV Notte by Bvlgari being a notable exception), galangal CO2 would work well in Oriental bases, woody and spicy perfumes etc.”

Botanical name: Alpinia galanga

Origin: India

NOP –organic cert. by CERES

Total Extract


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