Genet Extrait from Enfleurage

Eleonora Scalseggi has this to say “People who know genet growing in gardens and wild areas across the Mediterranean will know the scent of the fragrant shrubs can strike you from many meters away creating a proper cloud of an intesely sweet, floral, fuity rich fragrance (Arctander says it is used in plums-figs-raisin-dates flavor.. agree.. there is something about its aroma that makes me think of an amber-yellow colour and reminds me of the flavour of the rich honey-sweet ripe fruit of late summer). This extrait captures that very sweetness of the living genet flowers, therefore its aroma profile will be clearly different from genet absolute materials, which normally are produced from dried flowers and thus are less floral sweet and with a hay-like aspect about them, not present in this extrait.”

Botanical Name: Spartium junceum

Origin: Italy