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Grand Fir Essential Oil

Adam Michael has this to say “This aroma reminds me of smelling vegetative green leaves and runner bean skins, a similar note to what I find in Aleppo pine. Very resinous, fresh pine needles, moist earth, zappy and overall this aroma is full of deep forest green character.

Pale yellow in colour, produced by steam distilling the leaves and twigs and of a pourable viscosity. Great for developing herbal bouquets especially those that are rosemary or lavandin rich, improves green accords, forest accords, acts as an interesting modifier and injects yummy sappy goodness into wood notes.”

Mark Evans has this to say “The Grand Fir or Giant Fir is native to Canada and the North West of America and is one of the trees that is often used at Christmas for its classically fresh, crystal clear pine aroma. This particular oil is extracted from the conifer needles and twigs using steam distillation and has resulted in the perfect product for use in candles, soap, massage oils, room fresheners, fine perfumery, skin care, aromatherapy, cosmetics and more.

Anywhere that a bright, fresh, forest, pine, clear resinous woody fragrance is needed, this Grand Fir oil will provide the cleanest, freshest forest air of any of the fir oils currently available. The fragrance starts with fresh notes of menthol, eucalyptus and pine which gradually makes way for slightly woody but clean conifer forest notes and more pine, remaining bracing and refreshing the whole time.”

Botanical Name: Abies grandis

Origin: Canada


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