Grapefruit WHITE Essential Oil

Grapefruit white essential oil is full of fresh zesty grapefruit aroma, pale yellow in colour and of a pourable viscosity. Useful in massage to relieve congested and oily skin, having a toning effect on both skin and tissues. For this reason it is a good oil to use when treating cellulitis. It may have an effect on obesity and water retention and its diuretic properties could help with cellulite. Grapefruit white essential oil is detoxifying, revives and uplifts the spirit, and is an excellent all round cleanser, often combined with cypress and juniper. We also offer grapefruit pink essential oil.

Produced by expression which is the common extraction method for most fruits that contain oil within the peel. The fruit and peel are separated and then the peel is put into presses and the oil is squeezed out. With the oil come water and impurities that must be removed before the oil can be used, this is achieved by using apparatus that separates substances of different densities.

Botanical Name: Citrus paradisi

Origin: Israel