Hazelnut CO2 (SELECT)

Adam Michael has this to say “First I need to state this select CO2 is oil soluble and not suitable for alcohol based perfumery.

Now applied to the skin I would class this material of a medium viscosity and providing a lovely and somewhat thick velvet softness that is none greasy. The aroma is exactly as one would expect, full of crushed roasted hazelnuts and reminiscent of smelling Nutella spread.

Pairs especially well with cocoa and coffee materials and I would add if you want to make a truly delicious all CO2 gourmand massage blend then try  coconut co2, cocoa co2, coffee co2 and this hazelnut co2, it is utterly scrumptious. This extract is food grade so you could even consider creating edible oil based perfumes – not in the sense we start drinking this but in the sense you can apply to the skin and your loved one can safely kiss and even nibble around the area the scent is applied should you allow. A must also for luxurious cosmetic applications and having experimented with this I can say a tiny amount added to melted chocolate and spread over a baked cake (after its cooled and the melted chocolate is allowed to dry on the cake) is something I encourage all to try, yum.”

Botanical Name: Corylus avellana

Origin: England

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