Adam Michael has this to say “Horsemint essential oil also known as wild mint is obtained by steam distillation of the aerial parts and smells exactly like the wild mint aroma that is realeased into the air when walking on it in a wild meadow. A really pleasant mint aroma, not harsh with lovely green character and faint spearmint nuances.

Provides power to green-floral and countryside creations, pairs especially well with olive absolute and spearmint absolute and is a useful substitute to peppermint, more so if you want balance and softness throughout.

Yellow coloured, of a pourable viscosity, contains over 20% of pipertone & pipertenone variants and is certified organic by CERES. Reading material also suggests applying 1 drop of wild mint oil to a tissue or hanky and inhaling to ease headaches.”

Botanical Name: Mentha longifolia

Origin: Albania

Safety data: Not to be used at all during pregnancy. This oil must be handled with extreme care by therapists and must always be diluted heavily in carrier oil before use in massage. Keep away from eye area.