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Lavender Sweetie Dalmatian

Adam Michael has this to say “Since the 1940’s when Yugoslavia existed a debate has raged as to whether or not this material is a true lavender species, my take is regardless of if it is or isn’t, it is an interesting material aromatically. The aroma is a savoury smelling lavender, quite warm, heavy, herbal, with a eucalyptol pine, talcum powder, and minty nuance and free from lavandin camphoraceous notes found in sumain and grosso material. Croatian grown and produced by steam distilling the Dalmatian coast lavender flowering tops, pale yellow in colour and of a pourable viscosity.

Useful as a cost effective lavender scent on the oil burner or aroma diffuser, good for recreating lavender accords that require old fashioned lavender qualities, adds freshness to citrus accords and good material for building geranium and green notes.”

Botanical Name: Lavandula hybrid

Origin: Croatia


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