Lemon 4-Fold Super Concentrate E.O

Adam Michael has this to say “Lemon 4-Fold Super Concentrate is an absolutely delicious smelling aromatic with insane power output compared with single-fold essential oil. One of the added benefits with folded citrus oils is that due to rectification we end up with material that is safer, more stable and possessing a longer shelf life. Also our focus is on the scent profile and thus why we opted for 4-fold, as a different variety of lemons have been used compared with the more common and personally less impressive 5-fold offerings.

Aromatically, the balance of bitter-twang, candy sweetness and zest freshness here is gorgeous. This material lasts on my strip for 16 hours in optimal form and is on the cusp of detectability for nearly 30 hours. This is without question a heart note and generally I would describe this aroma like that of yummy homemade lemon custard in the early phase due to the concentration levels here, then as it settles I think this scent profile is more comparable with how homemade lemonade tastes. It is also somewhat representative of the smell of boiled lemon skins at times, something I am well versed with drinking for indigestion.

So if you want a beautiful lemon aromatic with bombastic abilities that is also 100% natural for your perfumes, candles, soaps and various cosmetic creations, you have to treat yourself to a bottle. Think of this like the red mandarin story, single fold is wonderful, but the super concentrate we offer is in an entirely different league of juicy-yummy excellence, that situation applies to this lemon 4-Fold material as well.

Botanical Name: Citrus limonum

Origin: Italy

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 100G = 45 Euros. 250G = 80 Euros. 

This material is produced by a world leader of citrus within Italy. If you reside outside of Italy you have to buy this material via the producers official distributors list, who in turn sell smaller weights onto little businesses like Hermitage and our online competition. As we live in Italy we can buy directly and resell the material in small volumes and weights at unbeatable prices. Store this material in the fridge when not in use and you can enjoy this material at its best for 12 months.