Neroli Morocco E.O.

Eleonora Scalseggi has this to say “As many people might be aware, I am obsessed with orange blossoms, I love neroli, I am possibly a neroli addict and I am probably the worst person in the world for evaluating neroli, simply because I could just sit for hours on end losing myself completely in its scent. New suppliers’ samples of different origin can dangerously become the perfect excuse for hours of “evaluation”, until my nose becomes so saturated with its aroma that I will keep smelling neroli for a long enchanted time, even once I am outside in the fresh air.

Of course, it depends on the supplier and the batch, but when these are good then Moroccan neroli is my firm favourite. Despite this, until today we have been unable to offer this material due to the honestly outrageous prices commonly charged for a good quality oil. Only now (18th March 2021), after a few years’ search (and lots of erm, “evaluations”) we have found the perfect Moroccan Neroli at relatively more affordable prices.

Aromatically in my opinion it is superior to the Tunisian neroli we currently carry, not because I do not like Tunisian neroli (how could I ever!) but because this Moroccan one is simply everything that I love about neroli. It is clean, crisp, almost ethereal, it is refreshing and uplifting, it is green and not too cloyingly sweet, it is soapy and elegant and has a very nice projection with excellent top notes. In my mind it paints a white floral picture with lush green foliage rustling in the breeze, it possesses the softness of the spring evening air and the brightness of dewy grass in the morning. Last but not least, it displays delicate juicy citrus notes, not too tangy, just flawless. If you are looking for the perfect neroli, I believe this is the one.”

Botanical Name: Citrus aurantium L. ssp. amara

Origin: Morocco