Muskrat Tincture 20%

Adam Michael has this to say “From the strip, smelling this muskrat tincture, the first thought I have is in actual image form, of a spring meadow on a fresh and breezy day with clothes drying on the washing line.  The beauty of this material is that it is a natural musk, of animal origin and that is very close to what you could expect from a natural white musk if one existed. The other big plus point within perfumery is you get to enjoy ambrette like qualities (albeit less refined, less power, and more dirty aspects) for a fraction of the cost of buying ambrettolide natural isolate and this material is also superior in all ways aromatic compared with any synthetic macrocyclic musks on offer.

The aroma is delicate musky and ambrette like in the top with liquorice candy qualities – in the sense of sweet coconut, soft liquorice, fruit flavourings and aniseed jelly.

To be used in perfumery wherever a natural musk note is required, to impart sweet animalic notes, to make compositions smell more natural and sexy, to improve longevity, and a good modifier. “