Myrrh Coeur 80% in DPG

This product is made from natural myrrh resin solubilised with DPG and is without equal in adding an incense note to perfumes as well as having excellent fixative properties.

Myrrh oil is extracted from Commiphora myrrha (also known as Commiphora molmol and Balsamodendron myrrha) of the Burseraceae family and is also known as bola, myrrha, gum, common and hirabol myrrh. Natural myrrh essential oil has a warm, dry, spicy, woody, herbaceous aroma – this material is similar in odour but deeper and even more long-lasting. Myrrh Coeur is a reddish brown, viscous liquid. It is manufactured by IFF and is described as a balsamic, fruity, aromatic, incense-like odour.

Botanical Name: Commiphora myrrha

Origin: Somalia