Mark Evans has this to say “This certified organic CO2 extraction from the dried kernels of the nutmeg plant is simply beautiful in comparison with the essential oil. It has a richer, more true-to-nature fragrance – very warm, suave, spicy-balsamic and strongly aromatic. The terpenes that are prominent in the odour profile of the EO and have a piny smell are almost non-existent in the CO2 making for a much more pleasant experience.

This warming nutmeg CO2 can be used in spice accords, gourmands, incense bouquets, colognes, Oriental accords, chypres, fougeres and so on.

Nutmeg adds something special to soap fragrances, adding a warm, luxurious softness with a light touch of spice. Try frankincense with neroli, vanilla, jasmine and a little nutmeg CO2 for a divine soap scent.”

Botanical Name: Myristica fragrans

Origin: Indonesia

Extract: Select Extract

Certified Organic