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Old Wood (OUHOUT) ORGANIC Essential Oil

Leucosidea sericea is an evergreen tree that is commonly found in the Afromontane parts of Southern Africa and which can quickly reach heights of about 7 meters. This material is produced by steam distillation of the dagger shaped leaves, is clear in colour and of a pourable viscosity. This species is the only one within the Leucosidea genus.

Joseph Colbourne has this to say “This one is bold, left-field, perhaps polarizing on its own, but could prove to be effective as an accent note in compositions. The top is medicinal, camphorous, turpentine, peppery, even astringent. We get a stimulating, invigorating, alive impression as is often the case with nose-opening camphors and cineoles, however, there are characteristics that make ouhout singular in its profile. Fifteen minutes in, like a new ember flown from a bonfire, ouhout bursts from the mouillette, beckoning us to its terpenic, smoldering embrace. as it continues to dry down, it evolves strikingly into an oily, somewhat resinous, sebaceous, earthy, clay-like warmth, reminiscent of all the trappings of an art studio. Somehow, it also reminded me of my childhood, visiting the hardware store with my father—oh, the visceral wonder of olfactory stimulation! The base notes are completely devoid of the camphor and bring forth strong impressions of helichrysum, chamomile, oil, even stronger clay facets. What a journey on which this old wood takes you. This could be used to especially great effect in incense accords, oriental compositions, ambitious precious woods creations, the possibilities are limitless if you push your imagination.”

Botanical Name: Leucosidea sericea

Origin: South Africa (direct from source CERTIFIED ORGANIC)


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