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Opoponax Resinoid

Mark Evans has this to say “Opoponax resinoid has a semi-solid, tar-like consistency and will definitely need gentle warming to be able to work with, but one sniff from the bottle dispels any thoughts of inconvenience as you experience the balsamic wonderland of toffee, cedarwood and resins along with hints of burnt wood and costus. For an even more delightful experience and to access what I think is the true beauty of this resinoid, I recommend diluting it down in alcohol (it’s completely alcohol soluble) or a carrier oil and dabbing a little on your skin – the fragrance blooms soft and powdery sweet with a rich muskiness and also a slight woody edge which provides some balance. It seriously is a perfume all by itself.

Opoponax resinoid would be useful in the creation of Oriental perfumes, incenses and when working with powdery notes. In fact, in perfumery opoponax in all its forms is often blended with sweet materials such as vanilla, musks or iris and florals to create comforting baby powder accords.”

Botanical Name: Commiphora guidotti

Origin: Grown in Somalia – produced in France


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