Orris Tuscan Absolute 50% (8% Irones)

Adam Michael has this to say “I came to Italy with a dream, to produce natural aromatics. And I have constantly failed, attempt after attempt, months of work each time, no saleable end product, everything written off as a learning experience. Every time telling myself, next time you will get it right Adam. Even custom distillations with artisans have faced the same issues, with few exceptional results and many (expensive) disappointments.

And initially with this absolute, I thought we were in front of yet another fail, as the finished production had zero smell. In fact it took about 3 months before we started to detect smell in the finished product and then quite quickly it has developed into one of the most gorgeous floral aromatics I have ever encountered, and this makes me very proud given all the trials and tribulations of these small artisan productions.

Applied on strip, skin or inhaled from the bottle, aromatically, the opening here is a heavenly floral-fruity-gourmand stunner with a molasses whirlwind, juicy red raspberries, blueberries, cherries, strawberries, perfectly ripe juicy plums, melted-chocolates, cocoa powder, waxy crayon frangipani through to blue lotus tonalities and lashings of off the charts dry white-chalky orris Tuscan powdery goodness. At some stage in the heart I pick out an orchard of sweet apple nuances and sun-drenched Tuscan red grape effects. I am not aware of a single other floral aromatic apart from narcissus co2 that has this much complexity going on. Uses, personally this is a perfume in its own right, however this is great for use generally within non-white florals, fruity, gourmand and through to more classic perfume compositions.”

Botanical Name: Iris pallida

Origin: Tuscany