Patchouli M.D (65% Patchoulol)

Adam Michael has this to say “The appearance of this material resembles that of rose otto on a cold morning, very crystalised. As such this material needs a good 4-6 minutes of warmth before you can work with it. To my nose the aroma is comparable to patchouli light, displaying more of the cleaner, fresher, watery facets I detect within patchouli light following with camphoraceous and woody undertones. Steam distilled material which is then molecular distilled. The patchoulol content is a mind blowing 65%.”

Joseph Colbourne has this to sayThe diaphanous beauty of this fractional distillation of patchouli from India is attributed to its high patchoulol content, lending a powdery, subtly camphorous nature to its top notes. The translucent, pourable liquid is fresh, aqueous, marshy, reminiscent of canoe sojourns among pickerel weed and water lilies. It is not merely earthy as dark patchouli tends to be; its a damp glade of woods, bulrush, tall grasses, and muddy flats. This material has moderate tenacity—six hours on the perfume strip, making it more a ‘heart’ note. Its sheerness makes it an excellent choice in providing lift for the patchouli note in a blend.”

Botanical Name: Pogostemon cablin

Origin: Indonesia