Ravintsara (C. camphora cineo)

Adam Michael has this to say “Due to the common name similarities with ravensara I think it would have been wiser for the common name of ravintsara to be camphor ct cineole. Ravintsara is the result of the Japanese camphor (Cinnamomum camphora Monum) plant being introduced to Madagascar around the early 18th century. Over time and due to the Madagascan climate the plants chemistry has naturally altered resulting in oil containing no camphor, yet very rich in 1,8 cineole (eucalyptol) at approximately 60%. The major constituents of Ravensara are limonene, methyl-eugenol and methyl-chavicol.

The other major constituents are sabinene and a-terpineol. The Ravintsara plant thrives in wet tropical conditions and reaches heights of approximately 15 metres. Between November and January the plant produces a berry synonymous with members of the Lauracea family of which this plant belongs to.

Ravintsara has exquisite antiviral, antibacterial, anticatarrhal, expectorant and energising properties and finds great use for treating viral infections such as flu and enteritis and maybe a useful addition or alternative to juniperberry for treating lymphatic drainage problems. This is a must have oil for every aromatherapist.”