Rose Otto Persian Gold

Adam Michael has this to say “Rose Otto Persian Gold exudes an absolutely stunning aroma profile of world class qualities throughout. Hailing from the Kermanshah province, this spring yellow green to olive-green coloured masterpiece artisanal produced rose otto, opens with perfectly balanced brightness and power, the rosy notes feeling fresh, watery, sweet and alive. I find the opening aroma profile is reminiscent to the experience of drenching yourself in rose hydrolat on a warm summer’s morning, that cooling and hydrating experience, captured and displayed here in smell form sensation. Also on display within the opening are wave upon wave of morning dewy rose, crushed dark green leaves and fridge fresh, juicy-fruit tonalities.

As time progresses, I also pick out a distinct lemonade character, not the big-industry produced diabetes inducing fizzy pop offerings, but instead homemade lemonade that mums and dads make for their children on a warm summer’s day in the garden. That thirst quenching sugared lemon aroma is here with its “home-made” quality and supported by a never-ending rainbow of divine scented rose flowers of a pink coloured theme.

The aroma is so bright and impressive that had me musing on how far a material like this is from the world-famous and super hyped Saudi Arabian Taif rose. Needless to say, shortly after I went through our reference materials and carried out direct comparisons with this Persian Gold and Saudi Taif on strip and skin, paying attention to aroma opening, manner of aroma development, stand out nuances and maximum duration of aroma in optimal form. Now normally both Saudi and Iranian offerings will be in the same aromatic ballpark. In this instance, forget about it, Persian Gold absolutely obliterates Saudi Taif from start to finish. This Persian Gold is richer in scent profile throughout, substantially juicier, fruitier, with a rose oomph that the Saudi Taif can’t get anywhere near, and thus why I am bestowing the gold tag on this Persian masterpiece. This is without question superior to either gas or wood powered 50K USD per kilo Taif (less expensive if you can buy within Saudi).

For me, my rating is a solid 10 out of 10, the most perfect rose otto I have ever encountered, a rose floral experience that delivers joy throughout its lifespan of over 10 hours on the strip and 4 hours on my skin type from a generous swipe. As for uses, it can of course be used whenever a rose note is needed, more so when you want to inject both rose-breezy effects and power into the composition. This said, personally this is of such a high calibre that I would really only encourage buyers to use this within projects when you really want to impress the client and also to keep some on hand as a reference material.”

Botanical Name: Rosa damascena

Origin: Iran (Kermanshah province)

Alcohol Soluble: Yes, with filtration

Oil Soluble: Yes