Rosemary CO2 (Cineole Type)

Mark Evans has this to say “Rosemary types can be low or high in eucalyptol (1,8 cineole) – those with high levels tend to be slightly less camphorous in aroma and more pleasant smelling. OK, keep that in mind. Now, the super-critical CO2 extraction method results in a far superior product than by steam distillation. The result of the CO2 extraction is incredibly true to life, exactly like rubbing rosemary between your fingers and enjoying the beautifully herbaceous aroma.

So, in this product we have the CO2 extraction combined with a high cineole type of rosemary – the best of both worlds!  Smelling this on the blotter actually messes with your mind for a few seconds because the brain is expecting to see a sprig of rosemary and instead sees a bit of paper, it’s an uncanny feeling. The fragrance is fresh, bright and invigorating, strongly herbal, green, woody, wonderfully aromatic and really is just like the fresh herb.

I would recommend using this for any sort of fresh, herbal or aromatic creations and blending with lavender, vetiver, basil, clary sage and any other herb-like material.”

Botanical Name: Rosmarinus officinalis

Origin: Tunisia

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