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Rum Succan Absolute

Adam Michael has this to say “Rum succan absolute is a natural speciality which is a blend of flavouring preparations and natural flavouring substances derived from plant(s) and natural chemical substance(s). The starting material is rum from Jamaican sugar canes.

The aroma exudes fruity-alcoholic, floral and raisin like top notes, the heart is a sweet, gorgeous fruit punch infused masterpiece with a dash of chocolate and sweet juicy Californian raisins. The base notes seem to be quite balsamic woody with a hint of leather and all is most tenacious.

The material is of a pourable viscosity and is dark red in colour. This material lends itself well to the perfumer who wants to lift fruity notes. Also rum succan provides an original ethereal character to the top note.”

Botanical Name: N/A

Origin: Grasse (France)


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