Sandalwood India Gold CO2 2.0

11.07.21: As I type at 16.35pm this material has now completely sold out in just over one and a half hours of being officially released. Sincere congratulations to those who purchased and do cherish this material. Thanks, Adam : ) 

11.07.21: Available at a special introductory price of 140 euros per 10ml (before vat 114.75 euros) for the next four days. After this time the usual price will be 200 euros per 10ml. 

Adam Michael has this to say “To experience true Indian sandalwood is to leap into the rabbit hole of true aromatic bliss, to be washed up in a never-ending swirl of emotionally driven euphoria.

And yet in the Western world it has become harder than ever to find epic Indian sandalwood. Today and largely in part due to the Grasse houses in France, more and more rubbish Indian sandalwood aromatics are appearing in the marketplace and becoming the norm. These shareholder-focused mega corporates with all the greatest talents and experts, consistently fail when it comes to the subject of Indian Sandalwood.

Likewise, many European and American online vendors then think they are contributing to the greater good by dismissing the true Indian artisans and instead, publicly declaring they are buying their Indian sandalwoods via these Grasse based businesses peddling their heavily underage offerings. The same online vendors btw that usually do not have a single thought of their own about the aromatics they sell, instead always opting to regurgitate the corporate blurb.

These corporates are getting away with spoon-feeding us diabolical Indian sandalwood aromatics and what do we do, we wipe our mouth and say thank you.

Now, back to the moment (11.07.21) and I introduce you to Sandalwood India Gold CO2 2.0. Let us get the stats out of the way, tree age estimated at 75 years plus, legally acquired, 91% total santalols content, deep yellow to rich orange subject to weight and both perfectly alcohol and oil soluble. On my skin type I get nearly seven hours of wear applied neat and on the strip this aromatic is performing at optimal conditions for a good 60 hours and detectable for just over a week as I type.  I made this deal directly with the producer chap that brought to us India Gold CO2 on Christmas day 2019.

Structure, being a sandalwood CO2, this material is free from the gravitational pull of its E.O counterparts (generally) and as such is again so powerfully bright, full on creamy, sweet-spiced balsamic warmness, yummy smelling sandalwood gorgeousness. This is a proper bottle of soul calming sandalwood, a material with strength and creamy tonalities aplenty that every true sandalwood lover will swoon over.

Insane fixative qualities, and as mentioned within my 1936 E.O writing, sandalwoods versatility really does makes it a friend of so many other natural aromatics. Price point is outstanding, artisan oud dealers trading this sandalwood would not give you any change out of 400 Euros per bottle, and to the producer, you continue your run of form once more, another work of art. Congratulations to all who become part of this second chapter.”

Botanical Name: Santalum album

Origin: India

Alcohol Soluble: Yes

Oil Soluble: Yes