Siberian Fir CO2 (SELECT)

Adam Michael has this to say “Opening the cap for the first time, this Siberian Fir CO2 really managed to wow me. The scent oozes Christmas, just like smelling a real Christmas tree. At the same time I can’t help feel the scent is reminiscent to the taste of spruce candies, slightly balsamic sweet but also with a bitter needle aspect.  My partner tells me this reminds her somehow of a very hot Mediterranean scrub, even though such a scent doesn’t really belong in a Mediterranean scrub! This said this Siberian Fir does produce such intense, warm, aromatically charged impressions with good persistence throughout, and that is really something considering it is chiefly a top note.

Comparable also aromatically to a mix of cypress lusitanica, blue hemlock absolute and cassis absolute, with a big dosage of sugar for good measure and without any rough edges at all. A sweet wood base note.

I can say with certainty that aromatically this is not like any other fir material, making all its counterparts look positively drab by comparison.  Siberian Fir CO2 is a fulsome, yummy resinous, zappy masterpiece with trace notes of runner beans like those found within Aleppo pine.

Works well in gourmands, pair’s lovely with davana, add traces in florals, blackcurrant materials and of course good for building Mediterranean scrub notes.”

Botanical Name: Abies sibirica

Origin: Russian material – produced in Australia

Alcohol Soluble: Yes

Oil Soluble: Yes

Select/Total Extract: Select