Smoke Tree Essential Oil

Joseph Colbourne has this to say “Smoke Tree, also known as Sumac, is a sleeper hit, if you will. While not as bold as certain coniferous and wood-based oils, there are these subtle, beautiful suggestion of mixed forests with its unique bouquet. Dry, herbal, slightly sweet, balsamic, a tad medicinal (only a tad, nothing to fear), it suggests the plants of the understory of the deep woods. As it dries, mild coniferous and watery notes, similar to siam wood, mingle with the aforementioned ‘understory.’

Six hours on the strip, and we get the mud, the forest floor, wet leaves. Several hours later, a cool, faint ghost remains, as if disappearing into the fog. With its mysterious nature, smoke tree would be a lovely accompaniment incense accords and deep woods creations.”

Botanical Name: Cotinus coggygria

Origin: Bulgaria