Artemisia Fruity E.O

Adam Michael has this to say “Yet another material from South Africa that gives so much aromatically. The aroma is boozy sweet, herbaceous, a tad woody, currant and berry fruity, very juicy, and reminiscent in part to the smell that saturates the air when opening a bag of wine gums. The heart and base notes are blackcurrant, herbaceous and green themed with suede leather and medicinal nuances.

The colour is clear white yellowish, produced by steam distilling the flowers and twigs and of a pourable viscosity. Therapeutically I read locals in South Africa consider the oil useful for treating headaches, loss of appetite and earaches however due to its chemistry and chiefly because of the alpha thujone content we could not advise this oil has any use to the therapist. For the perfumer this material is most useful for building boozy accords, lavender colognes and fresh forest bases.”

Botanical Name: Artemisia afra

Origin: South Africa