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Strawberry Leaf Absolute

Adam Michael has this to say “The aroma of strawberry absolute (leaves) is the equivalent of a green tea- tea bag that has been heavily strained, crossed with the aroma of garden weeds. The aroma is of a watery, sharp, piercing nature with little to no resemblance of strawberries at all from start to dry down. As the material develops so does the green tea aroma infused with noticeable earthy, bergamot, brown sugar, chamomile roman and violet leaf qualities. Towards the end of the aromas life span the herbal notes vanish and are replaced with an intensely sweet plasticine clay aroma and trace notes of rich, dark, luscious cocoa. This material is produced by solvent extracting strawberry leaves and is dark olive green in colour and of a very thick yet runny viscosity.

Absolutely nothing like the picture I had painted in my mind of a day out at the Strawberry fields prior to smelling this material HOWEVER strawberry absolute has to be one of the most awesome failures in my opinon because I still find myself loving this material for all the wrong reasons. I only have minuscule amounts of this due to the crazy price so I’m offering it only in 1ml bottles to make it affordable and I offer this really as a reference material for those who have always wanted to experience this material as well.”

Botanical Name: Fragaria vesca

Origin: Egypt


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