Thyme Serpolet WILD CRAFTED

Mark Evans has this to say “The standard thyme oil from Thymus vulgaris always reminds me of sausage meat.  Maybe I have a weird nose or maybe it’s an association with thyme being used in sausages. So imagine my delight when I smell this wild crafted Thymus serpyllum and instead of that somewhat vulgar, meaty rosemary-like smell, I’m greeted with a delightfully fruity, bright juniper berry, rosemary and sage combo, bringing to mind a basket of freshly picked herbs and berries straight from the garden. Completely uplifting, energising and mouth-watering all at the same time.

This charming oil lasts a long time on the smelling strip without losing any of its complexity and continuing to be a joy to smell. I would suggest replacing any other thyme oil that you have been using in herbal or aromatic formulas and experience the boost in brightness, freshness, sweetness and fruitiness that this wonderful oil will provide.”

Botanical Name: Thymus serpyllum

Origin: Balkans