Turmeric CO2 India Super Premium

Adam Michael has this to say “Indian turmeric CO2, a material that I suspect will not entice the perfumers reading in the same way as if we had a conversation about musk rose, aged Mysore sandalwood and countless species of hard to source frankincense oils. However, this turmeric oil is a superior beast compared to the easy to obtain offerings online, that I can 100% promise.

You see what we have here is world class turmeric CO2 from India, so good, that it is literally no different to the aromatic experience of peeling the fresh roots when I prepare the pastes for making a curry from scratch. That glorious distinctive clean, spiced piercing super fresh rooty aroma has been captured with perfection and finished with trace wood qualities. This material is really bright, really toppy and yes it does not have a million gears like vetivers and ouds but so what, neither do many naturals but they still deliver beauty, enjoyment and a bountiful of brain stimulation.

This material is bright yellow/spring canary green to golden yellow orange in colour subject to weight, comprises of just over a 60% turmerones content and is a million light years more interesting than the Javanese turmeric CO2 which smells of dry powdered turmeric and soil by direct comparison on the strip. Simply the producer behind the Javanese turmeric just can’t compete, in the same way the English will never produce world class chamomile roman like that of the South Africans and the Spanish can only ever dream of giving us a bottle of labdanum that showcases the same level of beauty as our artisan Cyprian producer. This Indian producer rules the roost for turmeric CO2, and ladies and gents, this is also alcohol and oil soluble with ease. So impressive that this material absolutely warrants the Super Premium tag. Highly recommended material and a must for therapists and perfumers.”

Botanical Name: Curcuma longa

Origin: India

Alcohol Soluble: Yes 

Oil Soluble: Yes 

Turmerones Content: 60%