Vanilla Ugandan Tincture 15%

Eleonora Scalseggi has this to say “In these hard times of vanilla crisis (time of writing September 2018) it is heart warming to be able to release a product like this Ugandan Vanilla Tincture. Kept to mellow and refine in our stash for over two years now, this delectable beauty showcases  all the hallmarks of a Bourbon vanilla at its best, with plenty of comforting vanillin sweetness entwined with a mouth-watering dark chocolate and caramel character, plus just a touch of the plasticine nuances found within the Tahitian and Pompona vanillas, and raisin and sweet woody notes chiming into the dry down. Applied onto the skin, its sugary chocolate tones dominate the show and you might find yourself musing on having a little nibble.

Obtained from some very plump vanilla pods, this Ugandan vanilla tincture is the perfect dark brown note wherever soothing, warm and lavish sweet notes are desired, perfect for tobacco bases, ambers, not to mention gourmands and sweet woods accords.

Perfectly and readily alcohol soluble, cost effective and delicious, this is indeed a vanilla material from the good old times and a true treat for all the deprived vanilla lovers of these days.”

Botanical name: Vanilla planifolia

Origin: Uganda