Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Grade 1

Adam Michael has this to say “The aroma of ylang ylang grade one is again exotic sweet floral with a very distinct candied apple nuances throughout. For the perfumer this ylang ylang is the best material for providing a heightened array of the ylang ylang exotic watery and sweet fruit qualities because this material is mostly free from the jasmine heady warmth, creamy lactonic and spice qualities found within other ylang ylang materials.

The production process of ylang ylang is quite complex and fascinating, so much so I have written an article which you can read here.

Provides lift to exotic white floral bouquets, great for building green florals, apple notes and injects extra fruit sweetness to osmanthus absolute.”

Botanical Name: Cananga odorata var. genuina

Origin: Comoros

Ylang Ylang is extracted from the yellow (ie fully mature) flowers of a tall species of tree which was first identified by John Ray (1628 – 1705) although the oil was not produced until the 1860s and did not achieve widespread recognition until it was exhibited at the Paris Industrial Exposition of 1878. Ylang Ylang has a tendency to become cloudy in cold conditions, it doesn’t need to be filtered or thrown away. Just put it somewhere a little warmer and wait for the waxes to melt back into solution.