Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Grade 3

Adam Michael has this to say “The top notes are black pepper spice floral warm with a fruity and velvet character. The heart and base notes exude a velvety dewy petal quality throughout, less toppy and heady than the earlier grades. Lots of soft smooth pink pepper nuances are present and the syrupy sweet qualities of the earlier grades are less pronounced.

The production process of ylang ylang is quite complex and fascinating, so much so I have written an article which you can read here.

Very useful material for building spicy floral bouquets, rose accords, works very well in the creation of leather notes, pairs very well with pink pepper and again is very useful material for building green notes.”

Mark Evans has this to say “Ylang ylang is one of my absolute favourite floral notes. It is so sweet, tropical, exotic, spicy, heady and alluring. A fragrance that blends those of jasmine, champaca and carnation, ylang ylang is surely the flower of flowers!

This is the grade 3 ylang oil which I wouldn’t personally consider as lower quality from the other grades, as the quality is obviously there, I actually prefer this grade for some applications as the sweet headiness is amped down a little to be replaced with a touch of woody smokiness which makes this oil very appealing to smell on its own and useful when some controlled floralcy is needed in a tobacco or leather blend, for example.  I would certainly recommend experimenting with this grade 3 oil alongside the other ylang versions.”

Botanical Name: Cananga odorata var. genuina

Origin: Comoros