Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Grade 2

Adam Michael has this to say “The opening notes of ylang ylang grade two are exotic floral sweet, syrupy and wintergreen medicinal thus I see this being very useful for building tuberose accords. The heart and base notes are light, juicy, fruit floral with a tea and light magnolia leaf green nuance.

The production process of ylang ylang is quite complex and fascinating, so much so I have written an article which you can read here. Useful for creating magnolia bases, exotic tea notes, Oriental accords, tuberose accords, green notes and pairs very well with frangipani absolute.”

Mark Evans has this to say “This grade 2 oil is hardly distinguishable from the grade 1 oil. They are both truly beautiful with intoxicatingly creamy and spicy petal notes. This oil may be a little less refined with a touch of woodiness in its depths as compared to the grade 1 material, but apart from that, I really find no difference on the blotter.

I would have no hesitation in using this particular oil to add floralcy, spiciness, sweetness or a touch of exotica to any style of perfume, especially when a tropical, floral note is needed without the funky indoles of jasmine or tuberose.”

Botanical Name: Cananga odorata var. genuina

Origin: Comoros