Wholesale CO2 Extracts

12/01/19 – Adam Michael here : ) I am writing here to say that the bulk wholesale pages have been added to this website on 10/01/19. Whilst it’s not ideal working on the live site, I find myself having to do just that! , and I am afraid this will not be a job I can complete in the space of a few days. I created a bulk wholesale list in November, 16 pages long, containing many hundreds of natural aromatics. That list alone took me months to compile! The vast majority of my materials are sourced from small scale artisans. I truly believe this list is the greatest in Europe and I am now working albeit slowly at listing all these materials for sale via this website. When complete the pages will be tidied up with some nice photography and more relevant introductory text. All materials will be available to customers in America, Europe, Russia and Canada. If you are reading this and are interested in purchasing natural aromatics at wholesale rates, please get in touch, and I will forward you the price-list on pdf. Fingers crossed the bulk wholesale website pages will be complete soon! Thanks, Adam : )

Product name 50G 100G 250G 500G SDS


Thea sinensis - Indonesia



SDS document available. CoA document available. Allergens document unavailable.


Achillea millefolium - BULGARIA




SDS document available. CoA document available. Allergens document available.